About Us

Our goal as a Podcast is to Empower, Inspire and Promote Richminds from the City of Richmond, CA. We intend to promote local businesses and leaders, share progressive ideas and provide a safe space for community involvement.




Hey what is up y’all, This is Eduardo. Yeah, my name is also Jorge, but I prefer Eduardo. I was born and raised in Mexico but I see Richmond as my home away from home. My intention with this project is to establish a network of Richminds, in which we can rely on and promote progressive lifestyles. I enjoy talking about the mysteries of life and making people laugh…sometimes.



Hi everyone! I am an education professional who is deeply passionate and committed to improving our public education system. I am a student first and as such, I enjoy learning from my peers, mentors, and my students.

One of my outlets has been this podcast and it’s been amazing meeting new people and growing from each episode we record.

I’m excited for the things to come and am honored to be a Co-Founder of Richmind Podcast. I’m always down to help any aspiring educators out there so shoot me your questions or follow me on IG: @HyphyEnrique

Thanks for listening!



What’s up! It’s Joaquin.  A little bit about me, I’m a father in my mid-20s born in 1994 raised in Richmond, CA. My initial thoughts on starting this Podcast were to just give back and put the great people of Richmond on a little game and just really to embark on something with my brothers. Now, look at the things we’ve done.  We are truly committed to bringing great content and always keeping people in the know.


Empowerment. Community. Enterprise.